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Large Log Files


Log Files are taking up GB of space on my Hard Drive.  Can I prevent this?





Yes, PostgreSQL log files can become very large.  Follow the steps below to eliminate your log files altogether:


Note: This is for Advanced PC Users only!!!



1.  First you will want to go to c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\data

(For PostgreSQL 8.2 it will be 8.2>data)

2.  Open the pg_log folder and if there are logs in it, just delete all of them. Just the logs not the whole pg_log folder. Now close that folder.

You will need to edit your postgresql.conf folder. You can see it here.



3.  Move this file to your desktop if you can't save it.  (This is for Vista and Windows 7 users with UAC on)

4.  Open windows notepad.

5.  Click on the postgresql.conf folder and drag and drop it into the notepad window. You will now be able to read the files and edit it.


6.  You will now need to scroll down until you see:logging_collector = on
(If you are using 8.2 you may see: redirect_stderr = on)

7.  Just change this to off. (logging_collector = off) like this.


8.  Now just save the change in the notepad like this.


9.  Copy this file back to your PostgreSQL folder.  C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\data

10.  Close the notepad window and close your PostgreSQL folder. You will now have to restart your computer for the change to take effect.

Next time you use Holdem Manager to play just check the pg_log folder, when your done playing and it should still be empty.


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