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How to Import & Export Hands



This FAQ details the numerous ways you can Import & Export Hand History files from Holdem Manager.

Import Files
Export All Hands
Export Specific Date(s)

Note:  Exporting large amounts of hands will take time.  It's best to do it overnight if you have a large database.


Import Files


You can import files into Holdem Manager two ways:

  • Import Files
  • Import From Folder


Import Files:  Use this to import a single Hand History file.


Import From Folder:  Use this to import Multiple Hand History files.



Export All Hands


To Export all hands from your database do the following:

  1. Go to Options/Database Management  (Make sure you are not currently importing)
  2. Click Connect.





  1. Select the Database that has the Hand Histories you want to Export.
  2. Click Export Hands.





Export Specific Date(s)

To Export a specific date range of hands, do the following:


Quick Solution:

Filter for the hands you want exported.  Right click a hand in the Hand View and click Export all Hands to Hard Drive.


Detailed Directions:

  1. Click Cash Games or Tourney Tab.


  1. Click on the Hands Tab.


  1. Click the Hand Filter button that's to the right of the Refresh button.

  1. In this example we have filtered for a Specific Month.  (October 2008)


  1. Click Save


  1. Instead of displaying the "Last 100 Hands", make sure you change this to display All Hands.


  1. Right click any hand and click Export All Hands to Hard Drive.






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