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  1. Auto Rate IntroductionAuto Rate Introduction [Article]
    Overview: (Options / Auto Rate) Auto Rate changes your note icons into little graphics based on the rules you setup. Introduction
  2. NotesNotes [Article]
    Overview: (Options / Notes) The Note dropdown menu allows you to Import notes from a few Poker Clients so they show up in your Holdem Manager Not
  3. Database ManagementDatabase Management [Article]
    Overview: (Options\Database Management) Database Management allows you to add a New Database, change th
  4. Players Window FiltersPlayers Window Filters [Article]
    Overview: Players Window Filters The left side of the window displays all the Players Tab Filters. You can Filter by:
  5. Players Window Main ViewPlayers Window Main View [Article]
    Overview: The Players Window Main View populates after you click the Run Report button in the bot
  6. Players Window IntroductionPlayers Window Introduction [Article]
    Overview: The Players Window is a great way to analyze individual players. Click Run Report and the Main View populates with players and stats. Click
  7. Players Window Results AnalysisPlayers Window Results Analysis [Article]
    Overview: The Results Analysis window allows you to look at a range of stats too see how much the average person in your database win or loses. See the screen below, then
  8. Players Window Player AnalysisPlayers Window Player Analysis [Article]
    Overview: The Player Analysis window populates based on the player you have selected in the Main View. Holdem Manager automatically filters out stats on players in
  9. Tourney Results FiltersTourney Results Filters [Article]
    Overview: Tourney Results Filters Filter By Date allows you to Filter all your Tournaments
  10. Stats (Tourney Results Sub-Tab)Stats (Tourney Results Sub-Tab) [Article]
    Overview: The Stats Tab breaks down your Tournament Results by: Stakes Multi-tabling Daily Monthly &nb
  11. Graphs (Tourney Results Sub-Tab)Graphs (Tourney Results Sub-Tab) [Article]
    Overview: The Graph Tab charts your Tournament winnings. There are six checkboxes at the top allowing you to Filter your Graph by:
  12. Trending Graph (Tourney Results Sub-Tab)Trending Graph (Tourney Results Sub-Tab) [Article]
    Overview: The Trending Tab shows ROI / ITM or Finish Distribution. Select the checkbox at the top and your Graph will display either option.
  13. Preflop Cards Window (Tourney)Preflop Cards Window (Tourney) [Article]
    Overview: The Preflop Cards Window in the Tourney heading allows users to analyze starting hands in multiple ways. Filter by the standard
  14. Hands Window (Tourney)Hands Window (Tourney) [Article]
    Overview: The Hands Tab is just an expanded version of the Hand View that is displayed on most of the Tabs. This is a good place to u
  15. Results Window (Tourney)Results Window (Tourney) [Article]
    Overview: The Tourney Results Window is the meat of all Tourney Tab's. Here we have the Tourney Results Filters on the left (A) and the different
  16. VS Players (Cash Games Sub-Window)VS Players (Cash Games Sub-Window) [Article]
    Overview: Ever have a player that’s constantly giving you trouble? The Vs Player Window lets you analyze your hands based on opponents. The C
  17. Graphs (Cash Games Sub-Window)Graphs (Cash Games Sub-Window) [Article]
    Overview: Graphs are a great way to see your performance in trends. The Holdem Manager Graphs allow you to display the following trend lines: Winnings R
  18. Sessions (Cash Games Sub-Window)Sessions (Cash Games Sub-Window) [Article]
    Overview: The Sessions Window displays all the Sessions you’ve played. There’s a quick sort option labeled Group By. This lets you sort yo
  19. ICM ToolICM Tool [Article]
    Overview: The ICM calculator calculates your luck and EV for Tournament hands. To open the ICM calculator, click the ICM button in the bottom right of the
  20. Hand Replayer OptionsHand Replayer Options [Article]
    Overview: Hand Replayer Options
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