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  1. Pot Betting Tab (TableNinjaPP)Pot Betting Tab (TableNinjaPP) [Article]
  2. Action Hotkeys Tab (TableNinjaPP)Action Hotkeys Tab (TableNinjaPP) [Article]
    Smart Action Hotkeys:
  3. Creating Hotkeys (TableNinjaPP)Creating Hotkeys (TableNinjaPP) [Article]
    Creating Hotkeys TableNinjaPP has an extremely simple interface for creating hotkeys. To assign a hotkey to an action, simply click the text-field next to that action and hit the key
  4. TableNinja Common QuestionsTableNinja Common Questions [Article]
    Overview: Can I use TableNinja and TableNinjaFT at the same time? TableNinja says "Your license is not valid for this version",
  5. Secondary Logon Service ErrorSecondary Logon Service Error [Article]
    Overview: When installing PostgreSQL, I get the following error:
  6. Fix IndexesFix Indexes [Article]
    Overview: I'm getting an error relating to one of the indexes. Solution: If you get an error similar to the one in
  7. Using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010? Using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010? [Article]
    Overview: There's a known issue that prevents PostgreSQL from communicating with Holdem Manager when Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is installed.
  8. Large Log FilesLarge Log Files [Article]
    Overview: Log Files are taking up GB of space on my Hard Drive. Can I prevent this? Solution:
  9. Holdem Manager Quick Start GuideHoldem Manager Quick Start Guide [Article]
  10. Invalid Account NameInvalid Account Name [Article]
    Overview: During the PostgreSQL installation process, it tells me the Account Name is invalid and now I can't install PostgreSQL. Note: This
  11. Windows Firewall / Defender ProblemsWindows Firewall / Defender Problems [Article]
    Overview: Step by
  12. Additional HUD FiltersAdditional HUD Filters [Article]
    Overview: (HUD Options / Additional HUD Filters)
  13. Registration (Leak Buster)Registration (Leak Buster) [Article]
    Overview: Before using Leak Buster, you must register the product. Failure to do so will restrict access that you will have, as registration provides full access.
  14. Backup & RestoreBackup & Restore [Article]
    Overview: How does the Backup & Restore option work?
  15. New Computer / License Transfer New Computer / License Transfer [Article]
    Overview: I just bought a new computer and want to transfer my Holdem Manager License to my new computer. Solution: we ha
  16. Turning Off UAC (Windows 7)Turning Off UAC (Windows 7) [Article]
    Overview: UAC or User Account Control should be turned off when using Holdem Manager. Note: Most of the time running Hold
  17. Setup Preferred Seating for Pacific PokerSetup Preferred Seating for Pacific Poker [Article]
    Overview: This FAQ shows you how to configure preferred seating to work with Holdem Manager
  18. Everleaf Poker SetupEverleaf Poker Setup [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Everleaf Poker: Setup Everleaf Hand History Options
  19. Stats 101 - Introduction to Holdem Manager StatsStats 101 - Introduction to Holdem Manager Stats [Article]
  20. Stat Selection (Reports)Stat Selection (Reports) [Article]
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