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  1. Table Scanner IntroductionTable Scanner Introduction [Article]
    Overview: Table Scanner allows you to easily find tables that fit your needs. Whether you want to play with high VPIP players, overall losers, low 3-betters or all of the
  2. Red "F" Button (Table Scanner)Red "F" Button (Table Scanner) [Article]
  3. Display Player List (Table Scanner)Display Player List (Table Scanner) [Article]
  4. Clear Player Cache (Table Scanner)Clear Player Cache (Table Scanner) [Article]
  5. Settings (Table Scanner)Settings (Table Scanner) [Article]
  6. Misc Options (Table Scanner)Misc Options (Table Scanner) [Article]
  7. Table View (Scanner Filters)Table View (Scanner Filters) [Article]
    Overview: There are four buttons here along with a Current Filter Dropdown Menu. Settings
  8. Players at Table View (Scanner Filters)Players at Table View (Scanner Filters) [Article]
    Overview: There are three buttons here along with a Current Scoring Dropdown Menu.
  9. Player View (Scanner Filters)Player View (Scanner Filters) [Article]
    Overview: There are two buttons here along with a Filter Checkbox List. New Filter
  10. Scanner FiltersScanner Filters [Article]
    Overview: This section details how to Color Code and setup Scoring for the three different views in Table Scanner. There's also some other options here that we'll be goin
  11. Client Filters (Table Scanner)Client Filters (Table Scanner) [Article]
  12. Change EV Line Color in GraphsChange EV Line Color in Graphs [Article]
    Overview: How do I change the EV line color? Note: Advanced PC Users Only
  13. Configure Party Poker Live Tracking with FPHGConfigure Party Poker Live Tracking with FPHG [Article]
    Overview The following FAQ explains how to setup Live Tracking In conjunction with Free
  14. Using Revo Uninstaller Using Revo Uninstaller [Article]
    Overview: Revo Uninstaller is a handy little free program that does a good job of completely uninstalling programs from your computer along with removing registry settings a
  15. Unhandled Exception - Scanner.Form1 threw an exceptionUnhandled Exception - Scanner.Form1 threw an exception [Article]
    Overview: If you get an unhandled exception with the following details:
  16. Setting Up Auto Import FoldersSetting Up Auto Import Folders [Article]
    Overview: For Holdem Manager to work, it must import hands from your poker client. You can auto detect your Poker Clients Hand History files or manually add them. We sugge
  17. Overall Table StatsOverall Table Stats [Article]
    Overview: What are the numbers in the Overall Table Stats window? Answer: When enabled in
  18. Formatting Text Options In Hud Popup'sFormatting Text Options In Hud Popup's [Article]
    Overview: Watch Video While customising your h
  19. Introduction to Player PreferencesIntroduction to Player Preferences [Article]
    Overview: (HUD Options / Player Preferences) The Player Preferences window controls what stats are displayed in the HUD and how they are displa
  20. Crashing Problems With The Hud Or Holdem ManagerCrashing Problems With The Hud Or Holdem Manager [Article]
    Overview: If you experience crashes with the hud or with Holdem Manager this FAQ will attempt to find the solution. Solutions:
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