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  1. Supported Poker SitesSupported Poker Sites [Article]
    The following poker sites are supported with Holdem Manager: Click for specific setup instructions.
  2. Ongame - Bwin - Betfair SetupOngame - Bwin - Betfair Setup [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Ongame - Bwin - Betfair: Setup Ongame - BWIN Ha
  3. Preferred SeatingPreferred Seating [Article]
    Overview: Seating Preferences is where you setup Preferred Seats so Holdem Manager's HUD Overlay Stats follow you to your
  4. Complete List of Poker Sites (General Information)Complete List of Poker Sites (General Information) [Article]
    Click for General Information about poker sites.
  5. Information About Setting Up Poker ClientsInformation About Setting Up Poker Clients [Article]
    Overview: Getting Holdem Manager to work with your Poker Client is simple. Holdem Manager just needs to find the Hand Historie
  6. OnGame Tourney Hand Sample.txtOnGame Tourney Hand Sample.txt [Attachment in Ongame/betfair Poker General Information]
  7. OnGame Cash Hand Sample.txtOnGame Cash Hand Sample.txt [Attachment in Ongame/betfair Poker General Information]
  8. Setup Preferred Seating for Ongame\Bwin\BetfairSetup Preferred Seating for Ongame\Bwin\Betfair [Article]
    Overview: This FAQ shows you how to configure preferred seating to work with Holdem Manager and Ongame.
  9. Ongame/betfair Poker General InformationOngame/betfair Poker General Information [Article]
    Overview: The following FAQ provides detailed information about using Holdem Manager with Ongame Poker. Quick Links:
  10. Change Tourney Default Buyins (10+1)Change Tourney Default Buyins (10+1) [Article]
    Overview: (Options / Settings / Change Tourney Default Buyins (10+1) Some sites such as Ongame and Everest do not record the buy-in and rake amounts for tourneys.&n