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  1. Players at Table View (Scanner Filters)Players at Table View (Scanner Filters) [Article]
    Overview: There are three buttons here along with a Current Scoring Dropdown Menu.
  2. Player View (Scanner Filters)Player View (Scanner Filters) [Article]
    Overview: There are two buttons here along with a Filter Checkbox List. New Filter
  3. How is Rake Calculated?How is Rake Calculated? [Article]
    Overview: How is Rake Calculated? Answer: There's two types of Contributed Rake: Average Contributed We
  4. Crashing Problems With The Hud Or Holdem ManagerCrashing Problems With The Hud Or Holdem Manager [Article]
    Overview: If you experience crashes with the hud or with Holdem Manager this FAQ will attempt to find the solution. Solutions:
  5. Plugging Leaks - Based on Stat Ranges (Article #1)Plugging Leaks - Based on Stat Ranges (Article #1) [Article]
    Plugging Leaks using Holdem Manager Article 1: Determining typical bb/100 ranges based on Stat Ranges In this series of articles we will be showing you how to use
  6. Articles OverviewArticles Overview [Article]
    Overview: (Articles) The Articles dropdown menu has must read content for Holdem Manager Users of all skill levels!!!
  7. Plugging Leaks - The Basics (Article #2)Plugging Leaks - The Basics (Article #2) [Article]
    Plugging Leaks using Holdem Manager Article 2: Plugging Leaks - The Basics When looking at your game, especially early on in your poker education, it is imp
  8. Holdem Vision IntroductionHoldem Vision Introduction [Article]
    ...reporting tool for Holdem Manager. Several types of reports are available allowing you to see game statistics, player statistics, and the hands people play in dif
  9. Sidebar (Window) BasicsSidebar (Window) Basics [Article]
    Overview: Sidebar (Windows) are the meat of Holdem Manager and the place to analyze your play with endless possibilities. Import
  10. Game Statistics (Holdem Vision)Game Statistics (Holdem Vision) [Article]
    Overview: Game Statistics reports give you an overview of game play at a particular stake. The Pot Size histogram shows the frequency that hands complete with different pot si
  11. Step 2: (Leak Buster)Step 2: (Leak Buster) [Article]
    Overview: This is where you will see all your leaks and find solutions on how to plug them. How to Understand Leak Buster
  12. Hand Strength Category Definitions (Holdem Vision)Hand Strength Category Definitions (Holdem Vision) [Article]
    Overview: Many of Holdem Vision’s graphs group made hand value into six categories. The make-up of each category is as follows:
  13. Players View (Table Scanner)Players View (Table Scanner) [Article]
    Overview: Players View has the following Columns:
  14. Players at Table View (Table Scanner)Players at Table View (Table Scanner) [Article]
    Overview: Players at Table View have the following Columns:
  15. Adding Decimals to a Particular Stat Adding Decimals to a Particular Stat [Article]
    ...d or remove Decimals to my HUD Stats? Solution: To add or remove decimals to a particular stat, do the following
  16. Auto Rate Rule EditorAuto Rate Rule Editor [Article]
    Overview: (Options / Auto Rate) Editing and making rules is easy. We'll cover it all here. Along with button explanations, we'll detail the step by step pro
  17. Players Window IntroductionPlayers Window Introduction [Article]
    ...t way to analyze individual players. Click Run Report and the Main View populates with players and stats. Click
  18. Hovering & Clicking HUD ElementsHovering & Clicking HUD Elements [Article]
    Overview: What does hovering over and clicking HUD Elements do? All Holdem Manager HUD Elements can be clicked for more detailed information. 
  19. Setting Up Multiple PanelsSetting Up Multiple Panels [Article]
    Overview: How do I use multiple panels in my HUD? Note: Advanced Users Only
  20. Fast Way to View Detailed Stats on Player Fast Way to View Detailed Stats on Player [Article]
    Overview: When I'm playing or reviewing a session I'd like to be able to see more detailed stats on players easily. Whi
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