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  1. questionLeak Buster Introduction
    Overview: Leak Buster is an App for Holdem Manager. Accessing Leak Buster Leak Buster Interface Accessing Leak Buster To access Leak Buster, do the following: Launch Holdem Manager. Click on the Leak Buster tab. Note: If you change your database while you are in Holdem Manager, yo ...
  2. questionRegistration (Leak Buster)
    Overview: Before using Leak Buster, you must register the product. Failure to do so will restrict access that you will have, as registration provides full access. To register Leak Buster, do the following: In Holdem Manager, click on the Leak Buster tab. At the top right of your screen, doub ...
  3. questionWorkflow (Leak Buster)
    Overview: Use the buttons at the top of the Leak Buster window to select the different steps in Leak Busting. Step 1: Setup Step 2: Leak Buster Step 3: Position Step 4: Trouble Hands Step 5: 3-Bet Step 6: Filters Step 7: Biggest Loss Step 8: HUD
  4. questionLeak Buster Videos
    Part 1 Part 2