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  1. questionIntroduction (SitNGo Wizard)
    SitNGo Wizard Use SitNGo Wizard to learn near perfect late game strategy in tournaments. Click HERE to learn more.
  2. questionImporting Hand Histories (SitNGo Wizard)
    Overview: Finding and importing poker site hand histories. Questions Why won't the Wizard import my hand history file? Where are my PokerStars hand histories? Where are my FullTilt hand histories? Where are my Microgaming hand histories? I am using Hold'em Manager and my hand histories disa ...
  3. questionNew Users (SitNGo Wizard)
    Overview: New SitNGo Wizard users should read these questions and answers: Questions Warning! Failure to read and understand this message will cost you money! Where can I find good SitNGo strategy articles? Does the Wizard provide advice while you are playing a hand? Is it ok to push with m ...
  4. questionGeneral Questions (SitNGo Wizard)
    Overview: General Hand Analysis Questions Questions What are the Sklansky-Karlson Hand Rankings and how are they used? How is the edge in the analysis summary computed? Why are the Wizard’s results different from other ICM programs? How do I analyze multi-table tournaments? Can I set ...