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  1. questionScanner Filters
    Overview: This section details how to Color Code and setup Scoring for the three different views in Table Scanner. There's also some other options here that we'll be going over too. All of these Filters are broken down into the following three views: Table View (Scanner Filters) Players at ...
  2. questionTable View (Scanner Filters)
    Overview: There are four buttons here along with a Current Filter Dropdown Menu. Settings Colors New Filter Display Settings - Table View This is the same as the Settings Button at the bottom of Table Scanner and a description of this window can be found HERE. Colors - ...
  3. questionPlayers at Table View (Scanner Filters)
    Overview: There are three buttons here along with a Current Scoring Dropdown Menu. Colors Scoring Custom Scoring Buttons Setting Up Custom Scoring Current Scoring Display Colors - Players at Table View This Button allows you to setup Color Codes for a specific stat inside of the ...
  4. questionPlayer View (Scanner Filters)
    Overview: There are two buttons here along with a Filter Checkbox List. New Filter Filter Checkbox List Display New Filter - Player View The New Filter Button allows you to filter out Players you don't want in the Player View. To Filter out a Player you don't want in your Play ...