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Hole Cards (Holdem)


The Hole Cards Filter Tab is where you’re allowed to Filter by individual starting hands.







Orange colored cards = Selected


Blue color cards = Not Selected


If you are going to filter by individual Hole Cards, first press the Deselect All Cards button.  This makes all the cards turn blue.  Now click the cards you want to add to your Filter and they should turn orange as you select them.



You can also select cards by clicking the On and Off buttons next to the following:

  • Suited Cards
  • Offsuite Cards
  • Pocket Pairs
  • Suited Connectors
  • Suited 1 Gappers
  • Unsuited Connector
  • Unsuited 1 Gappers




There’s also an only get hands with known hole cards checkbox at the bottom.  Use this to only show hands with known hole cards.




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