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Sceenscrape Methods in Table Preferences

In 1.11.02 we introduced the option to choose different screenscrape methods, There are 3 different methods you can select under sceen scrape method in Hud Options > Table Preferences.


DMW: (Recommended for Vista and Windows 7)
This is the method used to get player names for Full Tilt pre-fetch and Rush tables. Its is also used for Live Tracking Pokerstars tables.

DMW should work for all Vista or Windows 7 machines that have Aero enabled themes.

Printwindow: (Recommended for XP)
This should work on XP machines but we have had reports of crashing and it can cause white flashing on the tables for some people

Screenscrape: (Use if either of the above methods dont work)
This should work for all Operating Systems but you need to keep the window visible and the name panels free of HUD panels.

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