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Filter Introduction


Filtering is incredibly powerful in Holdem Manager!  There are literally millions upon millions of ways to Filter your hands.  Let’s get started with the basic functionality.



 The Filter screenshot above is on every Cash Game and Tourney Window.




1.  Checkbox
Use and group by currently active players instead of selected player. 

a.  By checking this option, you can run any report with any date range and any filter against all of the players you are currently playing against.  Holdem Manager will break the report down by player name.  This can be an incredibly powerful tool when looking for ways to exploit and/or compare players you are sitting down with.  This only works when used in conjunction with Auto Import.




2.  Player
This shows the currently selected Player or Alias




3.  Change
To add a new player to the currently selected Player or Alias, click the Change button text, not the down arrow, and search for a new player.  Each time you select a new player, Holdem Manager keeps track of this and the down arrow icon on the Change button can be clicked to see a list of all the frequently selected players.  This is very effective to jump around between your screen names since they will all likely be near the top of the list.


You can also remove names in the Change List by selecting Change, then Edit List.







4.  Refresh 
Refreshes the Main View and Hand View when a new Filter has been selected.






5.  Date Filter
You can choose to Filter your Main View by the following:

  • All Hands
  • This Year
  • Last Year
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • Specific Month
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Specific Day
  • After Date
  • Before Date
  • Between Date
  • Last Number of
    • Hands
    • Hours
    • Days
    • Months


Note:  Only one checkbox can be selected at a time.






6.  Here you can filter between:
  • All Games
  • Holdem
  • Omaha Hi
  • Omaha 08
  • All Omaha





7.  Clicking the Filter button gives you the following options:

  • Edit
  • Clear
  • Save
  • Load
  • Use for All





All the Filter options for Edit will blow your mind!!!  Edit Filter options are explained in the other Filter FAQ's.


Selecting Clear removes all currently applied Filter(s)



Saves the currently selected Filter(s)



Loads a previously saved Filter


Use for All:

Applies the current Filter to all the Main Filters for every Tab



8.  Displays abbreviated text for a selected Filter.  Once you start using the Filters you’ll understand this fully.


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