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Preflop Cards Window (Tourney)


The Preflop Cards Window in the Tourney heading allows users to analyze starting hands in multiple ways. 


  1. Filter by the standard Holdem Manager Main Filter at the top. 


  1. There are Quick Filters check boxes on the far left for the most common filter types. 


  1. Quickly filter by number of Big Blinds and Players.






Quick Filters
on the left have the following checkboxes for Preflop Action:
  • All Cards
  • Raised Unopened
  • Raise Limper(s)
  • Cold Call
  • Over Limp
  • 3 Bet
  • Call 3 Bet
  • 4 Bet
  • Call 4 Bet
  • Limp reraise


Note:  You can only select one Preflop Action at a time.



Position Filters
in the Quick Filters include the following: 
  • Early Position
  • Middle Position
  • Cutoff
  • Button
  • Small Blind
  • Big Blind


Note:  Multiple Position Filters can be applied simultaneously.


To Filter by Players and Big Blinds, check the corresponding checkbox and input the parameters you’d like to filter by.




Once you’ve setup the Filters you want to use, click on a hand in the Hand Chart and the Hand View will populate with the hands meeting this criteria.


You can filter more than just the Quick Filters by clicking the Main Filter button at the top-center of the Known Cards Hand Chart.



Unknown Cards:

This shows the percentage of Unknown Cards on different streets when the pot was won or lost.  This is for when you are looking at a player other than yourself. 

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