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General Tab (TableNinjaFT)


TableNinjaFT Screenshot

Double click action buttons when needed: If this checkbox is checked, anytime you use a hotkey TableNinjaFT will double click the action button if for some reason the first click doesn't take effect.

Disable Default Bets: Checking this check-box will turn off all the default bets.

Let tables steal focus from other applications: If this checkbox is checked, when Full Tilt tables pop up needing action keyboard input will automatically be sent directly to the table.

Don't automatically save configuration on close: If this check-box is checked TableNinjaFT will NOT automatically save changes to your configuration when you close the program. Otherwise, your configuration will automatically be saved to the TNConfigAutoLoad file every time you close TableNinjaFT.

Minimize TableNinjaFT to system-tray: If this check-box is checked, minimizing TableNinjaFT will send the program to the system tray. You can double click on the system tray icon to restore the program.

Minimize TableNinjaFT on start up: If this check-box is checked TableNinjaFT will automatically minimize on startup.

Keep TableNinjaFT on top when not minimized: If this check-box is checked, TableNinjaFT will stay above other windows while it is open. This allows you to edit your configuration without having tables pop-up on top of TableNinjaFT.

Disable Hotkeys Toggle: This hotkey will toggle all other hotkeys off and on. If the box is green then hotkeys are currently turned on. If the box is red hotkeys are currently turned off.

Override Win7 Mouse Hotkeys: Only check this box if you are instructed to do so by support.

Don't remove antes when counting limpers: If this check-box is checked the amount of the antes multiplied by the # BB per limper will be added to all limper bets

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