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Tourney Results Filters


Tourney Results Filters


Filter By Date allows you to Filter all your Tournaments by specific time periods. 


Filter by Tournament Details:


  • Buy-in – Self Explanatory ($ Amount)


  • # of Players – Here you’re able to sort your Tournament results by Single Table Tournaments or Multi Table Tournaments by adjusting the # of Players.


  • Speed – All / Turbo / Normal


  • Game – All / No Limit / Pot Limit / Limit


  • Tables – All / Single Table / Two Table / Multi-Table


  • Refresh – Always click the Refresh button after changing a Filter anywhere in Holdem Manager. 


  • Show EV$ Adjusted Values – When checked, this changes your stats to show EV$ Adjusted Values.



The numbers at the bottom (1-10) is your average finishing position based on the filters applied.




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