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Create a HM App


If you have an idea that provides added value to the Holdem Manager Customer base and a way to execute the idea, think about creating a Holdem Manager App.


Holdem Manager's customer base is huge and there's no better advertising than hitting your target audience in the face with a Holdem Manager App. 



Things to Consider

  • Your App must create added value for Holdem Manager Customers
  • Customers should be able to try your App before making a purchase.  (This means you'll need to give a little bit of it away for free.)
  • You will need to develop your App with minimal support


If this interests you, consider sending a rough outline of what you plan on developing to with "HEM APP Development" in the subject.  Our team will review the idea and provide feedback based on your proposal.

If your idea is solid and you don't want us to review it before you get started, feel free to develop it on your own without contacting Holdem Manager initially.  We provide this initial review process as a courtesy to you. 


Note:  Keep in mind Holdem Manager reserves the right to refuse any App we don't feel is a good fit for Holdem Manager.



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