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Pre-Flop Ranges (Holdem Vision)


The Pre-flop Ranges tab gives you insight into how your opponents play different starting hands in different positions.  Although this report only shows starting hands from games that went to showdown, you will get a good estimate of pre-flop ranges over thousands of hands.


The player selection filters are very important for this report.  To gain insight into your opponents’ starting ranges, you need to exclude your own alias from the report.  If you play with multiple aliases, enter them all separated by commas. 


If you have played several thousand hands with a particular opponent, you can enter their alias in the Include Only box to see their pre-flop ranges.


The statistics fields let you see pre-flop ranges for players with a particular profile, like loose-aggressive.


You also need to choose a pre-flop action for the report:


Results are shown as a heat map on a starting hand grid.  Color indicates the frequency a particular starting hand is played.  Red and orange are the most frequently played hands; dark green the least; black hands are never played.

In the grid, hands to the top right are suited, hands to the bottom left are unsuited.


The bar chart in the center shows the number of starting hands included by position.

Hover the mouse pointer over a square in the grid to see how many hands are included. Right-clicking on a square opens the context menu which lets you export, view or replay hands.



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