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Required Full Tilt Settings (TableNinjaFT)


For TableNinjaFT to work properly you must go into Full Tilt and make sure that you are using the following settings:

  1. Turn off Animations in Full Tilt: In the Full Tilt lobby go to Options → Animations → Off.
  2. Turn off Avatars in Full Tilt: In the Full Tilt lobby go to Options and uncheck the Avatars option.
  3. Turn on "Display Table on Action" and "Highlight Bet Amount": To turn these options on open the Full Tilt lobby and go to Options → "Display Table On Action" and "Highlight Bet Amount".
  4. Turn off "Standard cards at all sizes": In the main Full Tilt Lobby go to "Options" and uncheck "Standard cards at all sizes".
  5. Set your "Mouse Click Action" to "Increase/Decrease bet amount by big/small blind": In the main Full Tilt Lobby go to "Options" → "Bet Slider Options" and set "Mouse Click Action" to "Increase/Decrease bet amount by big blind" or to "Increase/Decrease bet amount by small blind".
  6. Turn off Custom Mods: If you have installed Custom Mods to the Full Tilt software please turn them off as they may cause conflicts with TableNinjaFT. Once you have verified that things are working properly without mods you can feel free to try and use the program with mods but be aware that it may not work.
  7. TableNinjaFT currently only supports No Limit games: Please do not try to use TableNinjaFT in Pot Limit or Fixed Limit games.
  8. TableNinjaFT will not work if you detach your chat: Please do not use TableNinjaFT with the chat detached or the program will not work properly

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