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Sidebar (Window) Basics


Sidebar (Windows) are the meat of Holdem Manager and the place to analyze your play with endless possibilities.



Cash Games



HM Apps







Import Sidebar (Window):

The Import Window is where you start when launching Holdem Manager.  Table Manager must be running for your HUD Overlays to work.  To run the Table Manager, press the Stat Auto Import button.  This will put a Spade Icon in your Windows task tray.




The Import Window is also the place where you import hand histories that have been saved to your hard drive. 




Cash Games Sidebar (Window):

The Cash Game Window is the area where Cash Game Players spend most of their time analyzing their game.  You can analyze your play by position, stakes, preflop cards, sessions, vs. players, etc.  Those examples barely scratch the surface of this powerful tool.



Tourney Sidebar (Window):

The Tourney Window is almost identical to the Cash Game window allowing tournament players the ability to analyze their game along with showing lots of results information.



Players Sidebar (Window):

The Players Window is a great way to analyze individual players.  Click Run Report and the Main View populates with players and stats.  Click a player’s name and the Player Analysis window populates with the selected players stats.  The Player Analysis window color codes player's stats based on if they are higher or lower than the average.





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