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Holdem Manager Video Library


Click here to View HM2 Videos

The following links take you to FAQ's where high resolution .wmv videos can be downloaded. 


Holdem Manager Install
Holdem Manager Crash Course - Covers basic usage after installing along with introductions to HM Apps.
Stats 101 - Basic fundamental stat usage.

SideBar Windows Video 1  Cash Games (Import / Cash Games / Reports)
SideBar Windows Video 2  Cash Games (Preflop Cards / Hands / Sessions / Graphs / VS Players / Players)
SideBar Windows Video 3  Tournaments (Results / Reports / Preflop Cards / Hands)

HUD Customization - Choose Configuration
HUD Customization - Stats
HUD Customization - Appearance
HUD Customization - Use For
HUD Customization - HUD Popup Customization

HUD Filters Cash

HUD Filters Tourney

EV Explained - Details how EV is calculated for cash games and tournaments.  Explains why we calculate EV the way that we do.

SitNGo Wizard - Introduction to SitNGo Wizard
TableNinja - Introduction to TableNinja
Leak Buster - Introduction to Leak Buster

Misc Videos

Filters 101

Tip of the Month Videos

Import / Export Hands

Stat Selection (Reports)

Editing Tournament Summaries

Backup & Restore - Backup all your HM settings and hands

Database Management (Covers Items Below)
  • Create New Database
  • Backup Database
  • Purge Database
  • Vacuum Analyze Database

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