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  1. Fixed Bets Tab (TableNinja)Fixed Bets Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
  2. Pot Betting Tab (TableNinja)Pot Betting Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
  3. Action Hotkeys Tab (TableNinja)Action Hotkeys Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
  4. Pre-Flop Ranges (Holdem Vision)Pre-Flop Ranges (Holdem Vision) [Article]
    Overview: The Pre-flop Ranges tab gives you insight into how your opponents play different starting hands in different positions. Although this report only shows starting
  5. Player Profiles (Holdem Vision)Player Profiles (Holdem Vision) [Article]
    Overview: It is common to profile players using statistics like VP$IP, PFR and aggression factor. Using different ranges for these three key statistics, you can character
  6. Player Statistics (Holdem Vision)Player Statistics (Holdem Vision) [Article]
    Overview: Player statistics graphs show the distribution of key player characterizing statistics, including VP$IP, PFR, post-flop aggression, 3-Bet%, and WTSD%. The graph
  7. Game Statistics (Holdem Vision)Game Statistics (Holdem Vision) [Article]
    Overview: Game Statistics reports give you an overview of game play at a particular stake. The Pot Size histogram shows the frequency that hands complete with different pot si
  8. Step 2: (Leak Buster)Step 2: (Leak Buster) [Article]
    Overview: This is where you will see all your leaks and find solutions on how to plug them. How to Understand Leak Buster
  9. Edit Regulars List (Table Scanner)Edit Regulars List (Table Scanner) [Article]
    Overview: The Edit Regulars List screen is below. We've blurred the player names.
  10. Edit Buddy List (Table Scanner)Edit Buddy List (Table Scanner) [Article]
    Overview: The Edit Buddy List screen is below. We've blurred the player names.
  11. Edit Friend List (Table Scanner)Edit Friend List (Table Scanner) [Article]
    Overview: The Edit Friend List screen is below. We've blurred the player names.
  12. Basic Commands (Table Scanner)Basic Commands (Table Scanner) [Article]
    Overview: A
  13. Reports (Omaha)Reports (Omaha) [Article]
    Overview: Here you can select Omaha or Holdem games. You can also select ALL Games that will display both Holdem and Omaha variations in all o
  14. Hole Card Filters (Omaha)Hole Card Filters (Omaha) [Article]
    Overview: Here's what the Omaha Hole Cards Filter looks like:
  15. Select Report Name from List (Omaha)Select Report Name from List (Omaha) [Article]
    Overview: Omaha additions in "Select Report Name from List" Hole Cards Hand Groupings
  16. Omaha Manager IntroductionOmaha Manager Introduction [Article]
    Overview: Omaha Manager is seamlessly integrated into Holdem Manager so all of Omaha Managers functionality is detailed in the Holdem Manager FAQ's. There are three ma
  17. Launch HUD with Auto ImportLaunch HUD with Auto Import [Article]
    Overview: (HUD Options / Launch HUD with Auto Import) When selected, Holdem Manager automatically launches the Table Manager when you select Start
  18. Adding Decimals to a Particular Stat Adding Decimals to a Particular Stat [Article]
    Overview: How do I add or remove Decimals to my HUD Stats? Solution: To add or remove decimals to a particular stat, do the following
  19. Auto Rate Rule EditorAuto Rate Rule Editor [Article]
    Overview: (Options / Auto Rate) Editing and making rules is easy. We'll cover it all here. Along with button explanations, we'll detail the step by step pro
  20. Editing & Adding Auto Rate RulesEditing & Adding Auto Rate Rules [Article]
    Overview: (Options / Auto Rate) Editing a Rule Adding a Rule Note:
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