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  1. Filter By ActionsFilter By Actions [Article]
    Overview: Filter by Actions allows you to Filter Actions by: Preflop Flop Turn River
  2. Hand ValuesHand Values [Article]
    Overview: The Hand Value Filter lets you Filter by Hand Values on the Flop, Turn and River.
  3. Board TextureBoard Texture [Article]
    Overview: Board Texture allows you to Filter by the Flop, Turn and River Board Textures.
  4. Hole Cards (Omaha)Hole Cards (Omaha) [Article]
    Overview: Here's what the Omaha Hole Cards Filter looks like:
  5. Hole Cards (Holdem)Hole Cards (Holdem) [Article]
    Overview: The Hole Cards Filter Tab is where you’re allowed to Filter by individual starting hands.
  6. Filter IntroductionFilter Introduction [Article]
    Overview: Filtering is incredibly powerful in Holdem Manager! There are literally millions upon millions of ways to Filter your hands. Let’s get starte
  7. Main View (Reports)Main View (Reports) [Article]
    Reports - Main View:
  8. Hands (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window)Hands (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window) [Article]
    Overview: The Hands Window is just an expanded version of the Hand View that is displayed on most of the Windows. This is a good plac
  9. Preflop Cards (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window)Preflop Cards (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window) [Article]
    Overview: The Preflop Cards Window under Cash Games allows users to analyze starting hands in multiple ways. Filter by the standard H
  10. Select Report by Name (Reports)Select Report by Name (Reports) [Article]
    Overview: Cash Games Window - Select Report Name from List
  11. General Tab (TableNinjaFT)General Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Double click action butt
  12. Setup Tab (TableNinjaFT)Setup Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: These settings should be automati
  13. Annoyances Tab (TableNinjaFT)Annoyances Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Checkbox Hotkeys:
  14. Opening/Closing Tab (TableNinjaFT)Opening/Closing Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Full Tilt Poker Lobby
  15. Fixed Bets Tab (TableNinjaFT)Fixed Bets Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Fixed Bets:
  16. Pot Betting Tab (TableNinjaFT)Pot Betting Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Default Bets:
  17. Table Control Tab (TableNinjaFT)Table Control Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Table Control Modes:
  18. Action Hotkeys Tab (TableNinjaFT)Action Hotkeys Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Smart Action Hotkeys: Fold:
  19. How to Import & Export HandsHow to Import & Export Hands [Article]
  20. Setup Preferred Seating For Party PokerSetup Preferred Seating For Party Poker [Article]
    Overview: This FAQ shows you how to configure preferred seating to work with Holdem Manager and Party Poker.
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