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  1. Adjust Site Import TimesAdjust Site Import Times [Article]
    Overview: (Hud Options / Settings / Adjust Site Import Times) How do I use the Adjust Site Import Times to offset the difference between my hand history time and my local time?
  2. Settings OverviewSettings Overview [Article]
    Overview: Options / Settings has the following items: Miscellaneous
  3. Change Tourney Default Buyins (10+1)Change Tourney Default Buyins (10+1) [Article]
    Overview: (Options / Settings / Change Tourney Default Buyins (10+1) Some sites such as Ongame and Everest do not record the buy-in and rake amounts for tourneys.&n
  4. Purge HandsPurge Hands [Article]
    Overview: (Options / Settings / Purge Hands)
  5. Observed Hand History ConfigurationObserved Hand History Configuration [Article]
    Overview: (Options/Settings/Observed Hand History Configuration) Observed Hand History Configuration allows you to remove useless Hand Histories
  6. Miscellaneous Options Miscellaneous Options [Article]
    Overview: Options / Setings / Miscellaneous Options:
  7. Hands View Column SelectionHands View Column Selection [Article]
    Overview: (Options/Settings/Hands View Column Selection) The Hands View Column Selection allows you to remove headings above the hand detail
  8. Table PreferencesTable Preferences [Article]
    Overview: (HUD Options / Table Preferences) Table Preferences in Holdem Manager is where you adjust how Mucked Cards are displayed along with basics of how
  9. Active Player Detail WindowActive Player Detail Window [Article]
    Overview: (HUD Options / Launch Active Player Details Window) How do I use the Active Player Detail Window? Stats Overview
  10. Sceenscrape Methods in Table PreferencesSceenscrape Methods in Table Preferences [Article]
    In 1.11.02 we introduced the option to choose different screenscrape methods, There are 3 different methods you can select under sceen scrape method in Hud Options > Table Preferences.
  11. Missing Hands or Inaccurate ReportsMissing Hands or Inaccurate Reports [Article]
    Overview: You suspect that some hands are missing from your reports or the amounts that are showing do not seem accurate.
  12. Sit-n-Go Betting Tab (TableNinjaFT)Sit-n-Go Betting Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Sit-n-Go B
  13. Sit-n-Go Tools Tab (TableNinjaFT)Sit-n-Go Tools Tab (TableNinjaFT) [Article]
    Overview: Tournament Auto Repl
  14. Stats Don't Move & Popups Don't Work Stats Don't Move & Popups Don't Work [Article]
    Overview: I got the HUD to work except stats won't move. They seem to have crashed and pop ups don’t work. Note: Right clicking a HUD element nor
  15. Setup Preferred Seating for Merge NetworkSetup Preferred Seating for Merge Network [Article]
    Overview: This FAQ shows you how to configure Preferred seating to work with Holdem Manager and the Merge Network.
  16. Setup Preferred Seating for Boss PokerSetup Preferred Seating for Boss Poker [Article]
    Overview: This FAQ shows you how to configure preferred seating to work with Holdem Manager and Boss Media.
  17. Reports Window (Tourney)Reports Window (Tourney) [Article]
    Overview: The Reports Window has 6 main areas to focus on. A – Tourney Sub Tabs
  18. Reports (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window)Reports (Cash Games & Tourney Sub-Window) [Article]
    Overview: The Reports Window has 6 main areas to focus on. A – Sub Tabs B – Report Nam
  19. Select Report by Name (Reports)Select Report by Name (Reports) [Article]
  20. More FiltersMore Filters [Article]
    Overview: More Filters allows you to filter by specific Situations.
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