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  1. How To Disable Hardware AccelerationHow To Disable Hardware Acceleration [Article]
    Overview: Disabling Hardware Acceleration can solve several graphic and crashing related issues, depending on your graphics card it may not be possible
  2. How To Update Your Graphics Card DriverHow To Update Your Graphics Card Driver [Article]
    Overview: A lot of graphics and crash issue can be related to the graphics card, as new technology is released it causes bugs with the graphics card driver and so Nvidi
  3. Turning Off UAC (Vista)Turning Off UAC (Vista) [Article]
    Overview: UAC or User Account Control should be turned off when using Holdem Manager. Note: Most of the time running Holdem Manager's three main .ex
  4. Reinstall PostgreSQL Preserving Old DatabaseReinstall PostgreSQL Preserving Old Database [Article]
    The following FAQ guides you through the PostgreSQL install process when you have already installed PostgreSQL and are trying to preserve your old Database. Take Note of Step
  5. Hand View (Reports)Hand View (Reports) [Article]
    Overview: The Hand View is displayed on all of the Cash Game Windows and Sub Tabs along with all of the Tourney Windows and Sub Tabs. The only
  6. Check Total Amount of Hands in Database Check Total Amount of Hands in Database [Article]
    Overview: How do I check the total amount of hands in my database? Solution: To check the total amount of hands in your databa
  7. Required Poker Stars Settings (TableNinja)Required Poker Stars Settings (TableNinja) [Article]
    Overview: For TableNinja to work properly you must go into PokerStars® and make sure that you are using the following settings:
  8. Plugging Leaks - Based on Stat Ranges (Article #1)Plugging Leaks - Based on Stat Ranges (Article #1) [Article]
    Plugging Leaks using Holdem Manager Article 1: Determining typical bb/100 ranges based on Stat Ranges In this series of articles we will be showing you how to use
  9. Leak Buster IntroductionLeak Buster Introduction [Article]
    Overview: Leak Buster is an App for Holdem Manager. Accessing Leak Buster Leak Buster Interface
  10. Manual Configuration of TableNinjaManual Configuration of TableNinja [Article]
    Overview: Settings that TableNinja failed to detect automatically will be highlighted in red on the Setup tab and will need to be set manually. Inst
  11. Setup Tab (TableNinja)Setup Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
  12. Table Control Tab (TableNinja)Table Control Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
    Overview: Ta
  13. I am experiencing a lot of lag when I use TableNinjaI am experiencing a lot of lag when I use TableNinja [Article]
    Overview: I am experiencing a lot of lag when I use TableNinja. Solution: In the vast majority of cases, lag issues can be fixe
  14. Sidebar (Window) BasicsSidebar (Window) Basics [Article]
    Overview: Sidebar (Windows) are the meat of Holdem Manager and the place to analyze your play with endless possibilities. Import
  15. Pacific Poker SetupPacific Poker Setup [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Pacific Poker: Setup Pacific Poker Hand History Options
  16. General Tab (TableNinja)General Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
  17. Sit-n-Go Betting Tab (TableNinja)Sit-n-Go Betting Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
  18. On-Screen Display Tab - Beta (TableNinja)On-Screen Display Tab - Beta (TableNinja) [Article]
  19. Opening/Closing Tab (TableNinja)Opening/Closing Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
  20. Annoyances Tab (TableNinja)Annoyances Tab (TableNinja) [Article]
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